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City Attorney
Johnny Beech
Bob Plummer
City Administrator
J. C. Moser
Accounts Payable
Stephanie Denton
Human Resources
Miranda  McGaha
Darryl Anthony
Zetta Penner
Steven McLaughlin
Earlene Smith
Cheryl Wedel
Vona Hicks
Loretta Waddell
Vicki Dunlap
Customer Service
Jackie Hymer
City Office Staff, Council Members, Elected Officials
(not all names or pictures are available)
Customer Service
Christie Cherry

In order to be more transparent at the Council meetings
the Council Packets will now be projected  onto a screen behind the seated Council. So now, along with the printed agendas, the public will be able to see the packet and follow along with the Council.

By viewing the same information the Council sees the public will better understand what's going on and have more insight as to why the Council makes it's decisions.

City of Cordell Council Meetings

Council members meet every first and third Monday of the month. If the scheduled Monday meeting falls on a holiday, the meeting is moved to the following Tuesday.

The council meeting agendas are posted on the previous Friday before a scheduled Monday meeting. Special meetings are posted 48 hours in advance.

Agendas are posted at the Cordell City offices 101 E. Main St. Phone: (580) 832-3825
This page provides news and information pertaining to the City Of Cordell and does not necessarily reflect the views of it’s employees or leaders. Even though this website strives to be accurate it is not responsible for errors. For more information, contact your representative or the city offices.

Would you like to know what the local ordinances are?
Read them for yourself. City of Cordell codes link.
How was the money spent on the Washita Theatre?
click here to find out
(Timeline approx 01/01/2013 - 10/01/2014)
Police Officers
Rogers, Brandon (Chief)
Haga, Steve
Stewart, Trevor
Tandy, Joy
Wood, Deacon

Police Dispatchers
Price, Lawana

Police Reserve Officers
Rivera, Joe
Radford, Jeff
Dominguez, Eric
Pierce, Shawn
Rozell, Kevin

Fire Dept. Staff
Slaughterback, Seth (Chief/Fire/EMT)
Humphrey, Devin (Asst. Chief/Fire/EMR)
Campbell, Ryder (Capt./Fire/EMR)
Vanderpol, Jamey (Fire)

Fire VIP'S Volunteer
Airington, Tyler (Volunteer Fire)
Boecker, Tom (Volunteer Fire) (EMR)
Cook, Nocona (Volunteer Fire) (EMT)
Ward, Dylan (Volunteer Fire) (EMT)
Reeves, John (Volunteer Fire)
Gonzales, Bobby (Volunteer Fire)
Alford, Clint (Volunteer)

Duke, Jerry
Oliver, Troy
Weixel, Mike (Street Commissioner)


Pritchard, Carol
Pritchard, David

Ainsworth, Bo

Dunlap, Vicki
Waddell, Loretta
Anthony, Darryl
Smith, Earlene
Wedel, Cheryl
Hicks, Vona
McLaughlin, Steve
Penner, Zetta
Plummer, Robert (Mayor)

New Cordell Utility Authority
Pool, Dustin (Supervisor)
LaVelle, Chance

Marquez, Mario
Holden, Brian
Rasmussen, Derek

Meet The City of Cordell Employees
Airport/Public Works Director
Brown, Charlie


Westreicher, David

Customer Service/ Accounts Payable
Denton, Stephanie
McGaha, Miranda
Cherry, Christie
Hymer, Jackie (Part-time)
Moser, J. C. (Administrator)

Humphrey, Devin (EMR)  (Director)

Volunteer Ambulance
Balcom, Jaitton (EMT-QA/QI)
Campbell, Ryder (EMR)
Dudgeon, Amanda (EMT)
Maddox, Dallon (EMR)
Slaughterback, Seth (EMT)
Ward, Dylan (EMT)
Weixel, Emily (EMT)
Elmore, Kollin (EMT)
Dorman, Tony (EMR)
Fothergil, Tim (EMT)
Knop, Joshua (EMT)
Vanderpol, Ashley (EMR)

Code Enforcement / Animal Control
Kim Baker
The City of Cordell, consisting of the Council, Mayor, Administrator, Police & Fire departments, office staff, and many other city employees, works hard to provide its residents with a safe, comfortable and prosperous place to live.

They have also set goals to further improve the standard of life for the residents in the coming years. Projects and ideas are continually being researched. However, only projects that are beneficial to the community are considered.

The City keeps the welfare of its residents and businesses at the forefront in any decisions made. The Council welcomes your suggestions and ideas.

If you have any questions or suggestions just let us know. We are here to help.

You can also get involved and be part of the community by offering your time, expertise and creativity to one of the civic clubs or other originations. Or, if you're
adventurous and want to help bring about change, how about running for City Council?

One person really can make a difference.

Devin Humphrey
Mike Weixel
Tyler Airington
James Glover
De’Lanea Hiskett
Brian Holden
Seth Slaughterback
Sarah Moser
Miranda McGaha
Jamey Vanderpol
Daniel Allen
Bo Ainsworth
John Reeves
Dustin Pool
Nocona Cook
Employee of The Month
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Shorty's  Café' and Darryl Anthony
David Westreicher
Jerry Duke
Jeffrey Radford
Bud Canterberry
Brandon Rogers
Dylan Streeter
Christie Cherry
Stephanie Denton
Tom Boecker
Troy Oliver
Carol Pritchard
Ryder Campbell
Lawana Price