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Cordell City Council Meeting Minutes
Council meetings are on 1st and 3rd Monday of the month except holidays. Minutes are received at each meeting from previous meeting. Therefore, the minutes are at least 2 weeks old.
(Minutes may, or may not, include only Regular meeting without Utilities Authority or Redevelopment Authority minutes.)
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Dec 5, 2016 Special & Regular
Dec 19, 2016 Council Minutes
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Jan 3, 2017 Council Minutes
Jan 17, 2017 Council Minutes
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Feb 6, 2017 Council Minutes
Council audit question Feb 21, 2017 (advance to about 31 min to subject)
Audit question @ Feb 21,2017 Council meeting. Advance to 31 min for subject. (partical recording)
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Feb 21, 2017 Council Minutes
March 6, 2017 Council Minutes
Red River Transportation
Hours: 9:30am - 11:00am
580-832-4120 office / 580-243-8327 Cell
Wheel Chair Accesable

Rates: per person & each way or pick-up
2yr - 55yr $1.00 / 55yr & over $0.75
Call: Cendie Newman
800-524-5552 or 580-928-2199
Starting at $16 & up round trip

Call for rates to different towns
Western Oklahoma
March 20, 2017 Council Minutes
April 3, 2017 Council Meeting
April 17, 2017 Council & More

Welcome To Cordell, Oklahoma

Living in Cordell means:

•Affordable Housing  •No traffic Jams  •Short Lines at Check-Out  •Low Crime Rate  •Friendly People  •Slow Paced Living  •Room To Grow  •Outstanding School System
Cordell Oklahoma is nestled in the Great Plains of Western Oklahoma about 100 miles west of Oklahoma City.

The small community of about 3,000 residents are proud  of their tradition of Hospitality and caring for their neighbors.
Within these few pages we will explore what Cordell has to offer.
On Thursday, May 18th, 2017 some problems occurred mainly due to the warning sirens not sounding. Here are a few things I found out.
Problem: The two large main sirens we rely on during power outages failed because the batteries were dead. Plus, there was a communication breakdown
and misunderstanding on procedures.
Solution: Under the direction of the new Deputy Emergence Management Director, Brandon Rogers, the fire department was assigned to check and test the
new batteries regularly.
These batteries are self-charging whenever power is on. But, over the years they simply wore out.
Other information: When the power went out it was on the side of Western Electric that furnishes us with power. There were also several areas in town
that were damaged. The City workers had to shut down our power to prevent a power surge when the power was restored. If this was not done, the surge
could be extremely dangerous and damaging. The power was restored first to the Hospital, Nursing Home and water pumps. Then gradually to the rest of
the town. The most damage seemed to be on the south-east side of town.
Emergency Vehicles: If town siren systems fail then Fire, Police and other vehicles equipped with Public Address (PA) loud speakers will drive streets
verbally telling the public what the emergency is about and will also run their sirens.
If you have other questions or concerns then please contact your Council member or city office.