A Website Dedicated to Promoting Cordell. The Friendly Little Community with The Big Spirit Of Oklahoma.
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Living in Cordell means:
•Affordable Housing  •No traffic Jams  •Short Lines at Check-Out  •Low Crime Rate  •Friendly People  •Slow Paced Living  •Room To Grow  •Outstanding School System
Cordell Oklahoma is nestled in the Great Plains of Western Oklahoma about 100 miles west of Oklahoma City.

The small community of about 3,000 residents are proud  of their tradition of Hospitality and caring for their neighbors. Within these few pages we will explore what Cordell has to offer.
New Relaxed Water Restrictions
New Council Members
New Event Dates Posted
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Classic Cars
Lee Park. Offers a community built one-of-a-kind custom playground. Enjoy the pool, tennis court, skate park, and pavilion in the heart of the City
Cordell Memorial Hospital offers their patients the latest medical equipment and a caring staff of professionals.
Cordell Public Library schedules a wide variety of educational and fun events for the enjoyment of all ages.
Cordell Public Schools
Our Public School System is considered by many to be one of the best. Their new library media center and gym additions are just the beginning of a dedication to excellence.