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City Of Cordell and Social Media

There seems to be some misinformation about the social media policy the City of Cordell has put in place.
Example: City employees are band from posting anything on social media.
This statement is totally false.

Employees may indeed post comments on websites, blogs, social media, and any other online service. The restrictions are mostly common sense. You should not post anything offensive, hostile, threatening, harassing, discriminatory, false, or anything else that could adversely affect fellow employees, supervisors, customers or businesses.

The policy was researched by comparing other cities' policies. An attorney was also consulted then the city council  approved the Social Media Policy.

You can view the entire Social Media Policy by clicking here.

Welcome To Cordell, Oklahoma


There have been suggestions to place more detailed content on this website pertaining to the City of Cordell. This website is privately owned and is not affiliated with the City of Cordell. However, I try to provide general  information that would be of interest to the public.

For more detailed information, the City of Cordell has recently launched its own website. Please visit their website to find the information you may be looking for. If you still have questions you may fill out the survey and I will do my best to help.


City of Cordell Website: CLICK HERE

Public Events
Hours: 9:30am - 11:00am
580-832-4120 office / 580-243-8327 Cell

Wheel Chair Accessible

Rates: per person & each way or pick-up
2yr - 55yr $1.00 / 55yr & over $0.75
Call: Cendie Newman
800-524-5552 or 580-928-2199

Starting at $16 & up round trip

Call for rates to different towns
Red River Transportation


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Do you have a complaint or suggestion about how the city is run? Or, are you the type of person that will criticize but not actually do anyting to try to change things for the better. Maybe you feel that your concerns fall on deaf ears and nothing's going to change.

Well, how do you know unless you try? Go talk to your council member representive. But, don't stop there. Talk to the City Administrator or talk to the Mayor. Attend the council meetings whenever you can to see for yourself what's going on. Take note of the decisions being made on your behalf. Who voted for what and why. And if you feel that you could perhaps contribute more to the community, then consider running for office such as Council member. We need people that are willing to serve and are dedicated, have a positive attitude, and have sound ideas that will benefit the community.

My point is: Don't give up. Get involved. Have your voice heard. Sometimes one person really can make a difference. And if that doesn't work, then sometimes a group of people can make a difference.

Most of us really do care about our community and we need to show it.
This Website Updated on  02/12/18

Living in Cordell means:

•Affordable Housing  •No Traffic Jams 
•Short Lines at Check-Out 
•Low Crime Rate  •Friendly People
•Slow Paced Living  •Room To Grow  •Outstanding School System


Cordell ,Ok. is nestled in the Great Plains of Western Oklahoma about 100 miles west of Oklahoma City.

The small community of about 3,000 residents are proud  of their tradition of hospitality.
Within these few pages we will explore what Cordell has to offer.


In order to be more transparent at the Council meetings the Council Packets will now be projected  onto a screen behind the seated Council.

So now, along with the printed agendas, the public will be able to see the packet and follow along with the Council.

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Historic District Guidelines Click here